To innovate and have success, one would need creativity, right? Right. But what happens when you have run out of it? And can one really run out of creativity?

This is a struggle that I have been living with for about a year. I have read so many articles about this and listened to so many TedTalks, yet I have never really found any answers on how to renew it, if it was ever possible or activate it.

Althought reading and meditating has been very helpful, it is sometimes hard for me to maintain that habit du to my full schedule. I still make sure that I read at least one hour a day because I now know what it feels like to be without creativity and I never again wanna be without it, therefore, I make the effort to put reading as one of my highest priorities.

But I have found a very efficient and fastest and sometimes even more convenient way to get my creative juice flow wich is in the power of music. Whaaat?!  YES! music, but not just any type of beat. I have many different types of play list for different moments or moods, and I have created one to activate my creative thinking.

What I enjoy most of this playlist is that I can listen to it from anywhere that I am. I will sometimes play it when i’m at the grocery store, or making supper, espacially if I have planned to do some creative writing later on.

So I am sharing my 3 personnal favorite beats that is on my playlist in hopes that they will serve you well.

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Talk soon,